Meet April pet of the month - Bonnie

Bonnie Joyce 1At six o'clock in the evening we received a call from a local practice requesting help following another episode of canine greediness. The chicken satay, with skewer embedded, when merely waved within the vicinity of Bonnie dog was simply gone in flash, swallowed whole! Tricky!  An attempt to encourage vomiting could lead to the stomach being perforated and leaving the skewer in place could likewise lead to perforation of the gut somewhere lower down the intestines.  A perforated gastrointestinal tract will often lead to peritonitis which under these circumstances has a 50% mortality rate, even with surgery.

We swung straight into action and Bonnie came down for a general anaesthetic and gastroscopy.  The video attached shows the retrieval of the satay stick [its not always easy!] and the photographs show both the "foreign body" after removal and a rather pleased looking post-operative patient.  The crisis was averted and Bonnie went home for [another] tea in less than an hour.

No surgery, no hassle and no complications.

Chicken satay 2

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