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Springwell Veterinary Surgery was established in 1985.

It has been developed since then into a fully equipped premises capable of meeting all the needs of small animals throughout Tring and District.

Please take some time to enjoy learning about our practice here at SpringwellVets.com

About us

Springwell Veterinary Surgery is family owned and does not subscibe to the "corporate" model of doing business. I am proud of what we have achieved since I started in Tring on 23rd May 1988, and consider that we treat animals with the love and respect with which I would most like my dog to be treated. This is what we try to accomplish:

  • Fifteen minute appointments, so that we have time.
  • Diagnosis with blood tests while you wait if required.
  • Same day assessment and treatment, including surgery, where appropriate.
  • Twenty five percent of our procedures are performed endosurgically (keyhole) or endoscopically.
  • One Veterinary surgeon per case for continuity.
  • Veterinary surgeons collaborating on complicated cases.
  • A multidisciplinary team to manage most cases in house, we also accept referrals.
  • GENUINE kennel side emergency care with critical care vets at "Vets Now" locally.
  • End of life care including home medical visits and euthanasia out of hours in collaboration with Selix Vets  
  • All of our equipment purchased new and meticulously maintained.
  • RCVS accredited practice.

Your animals first, always.

Patrick Dale

Meet April pet of the month - Casper

Casper 2We have featured un-descended testicles before but these are the cases that most benefit from keyhole surgery.  At Springwell we average two of these cases per year and the image attached is an unedited real-time exploration and isolation of an abdominally retained right testicle.  Don't worry, it doesn't take long!  Casper was castrated using only a 5mm camera port and a 10mm operating port plus the normal incision used to remove his normally descended testicle.

There can be big problems with open surgery.  Identifying the location of the retained testicle, which can vary massively, or whether it exists at all, usually requires a large incision in the body wall.  Made around the penis, these can be painful and are prone to postoperative swelling and licking.  Often they can be unnecessary as the testicle may well then be found under the skin.

Keyhole castration for retained testicles therefore is more effecient, less painful, has quicker recovery time with fewer complications and will probably be cheaper.

Please spread the word! No dog should be subjected to open surgery for this condition.


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RCVS Accredited PracticeSpringwell Veterinary Surgery is Accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. The Practice Standards Scheme is a voluntary initiative - not all practices are part of it yet. As a client of the Springwell Veterinary Surgery, an RCVS accredited practice, you can rest assured of a high quality of care throughout the practice. Click HERE to read how this benefits you.

Full payment is due at the time of consultation, the discharge of your pet or when collecting drugs or diets.
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