Pet of the month April 2018

Meet April pet of the month - Casper

Casper 2We have featured un-descended testicles before but these are the cases that most benefit from keyhole surgery.  At Springwell we average two of these cases per year and the image attached is an unedited real-time exploration and isolation of an abdominally retained right testicle.  Don't worry, it doesn't take long!  Casper was castrated using only a 5mm camera port and a 10mm operating port plus the normal incision used to remove his normally descended testicle.

There can be big problems with open surgery.  Identifying the location of the retained testicle, which can vary massively, or whether it exists at all, usually requires a large incision in the body wall.  Made around the penis, these can be painful and are prone to postoperative swelling and licking.  Often they can be unnecessary as the testicle may well then be found under the skin.

Keyhole castration for retained testicles therefore is more effecient, less painful, has quicker recovery time with fewer complications and will probably be cheaper.

Please spread the word! No dog should be subjected to open surgery for this condition.

Pet of the month

Pet of the month

Fluff 1Fluff was kindly brought into the practice by a member of the public after being hit by a car.  Luckily Fluff was microchipped so we were able to find and contact his owners.  X-rays were taken and these showed that both his hind legs were badly broken.  Fluff underwent a long and complicated operation to repair them.  He was also suffering tempory paralysis to his bladder because his spinal nerves were badly damaged.  

We are pleased to announce that Fluff is recovering well and already using his legs.  We were especially pleased when he managed to urinate on his own.  Lets hope next time Fluff uses a pedestrian crossing!

Take a look at the before and after X-rays of Fluff's legs.

Fluff xray 2 edited

FLUFF X ray edited

Open Day, May 2011

Springwell's first Open Day

Springwell's first Open Day held on Sunday, 22nd May proved to be a highly enjoyable event and was very well attended indeed.

happy helloOur resident vets, Patrick Dale and Gavin Young, were on hand to welcome both existing clients and newcomers to take a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at the practice whilst our team of skilled veterinary nurses were kept busy demonstrating a variety of surgical equipment.

Representatives from Bayer and Royal Canin also gave a series of interesting talks.

Chiltern Cats Protection had a wonderful variety of goods for sale in their two marquees. Visitors could also view the wide selection of raffle prizes on offer and there were many lucky winners.

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